The purpose of Weymouth Youth Hockey is to develop and govern a youth hockey program in the Town of Weymouth for individuals for the purpose of promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for rules by providing a recreatio

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Weymouth Youth Hockey Learn To Play


The Details:

  • Ages: 4 years old and older.
  • When: Every Thursday at 5pm beginning November 2019 - February 2020 (exact date tbd) and Sunday evenings at 5pm 
  • Where:
  • The DCR Connell Rink, Broad Street, Weymouth
  • Cost: $300
  • MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: Full Hockey Equipment

The USA Hockey Cross-Ice program is based on a model of practicing and playing hockey across the ice surface as compared to practicing and playing lengthwise along the full length of the ice surface. This cross-ice practicing and playing model has been used in many of the leading hockey nations in the world for a number of years and has stood the test of time. It has been shown that children who begin their hockey training in this environment have an outstanding hockey experience.

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  • 16 Practices
  • 16 Games plus game jersey
  • Limited to first 60 players
  • Full Hockey Equipment required(see resources below)

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What is Cross Ice Hockey?

A program designed to further develop hockey skills and competitive team play for players ages 6 and under. Team sizes are smaller (10 players per team) which means there will be a smaller coach-to-player ratio. Coaches can focus on practicing skating skills, puck control, stick-handling, positioning, passing and shooting.  

Cross Ice Hockey is designed to accelerate the development of an individual player's core ice hockey skills (skating, stick handling, passing and shooting) in a team oriented setting while keeping a fun and positive atmosphere on the ice.

How does it work?

Each week will consist of an 50 minute practice/skills and a 50 minute organized game. The program will run for about 20 weeks** from the fall to spring.   Coaches will coach and teach players during the game. The emphasis will be on FUN for all players while developing players’ core hockey skills. The game is played ACROSS the width of one zone. It is played 3 on 3. Each coach will also be responsible for officiating the games. When goals are scored the puck remains in the net. The opposing coach throws a puck yelling “new puck!” into the center of the ice and play resumes immediately. If the puck leaves the playing area (from deflections or shot over the boards) a coach immediately throws another puck into the playing area yelling “new puck!” and play resumes.  The coach does not direct the puck to either team under any circumstances. The initial start of the game begins in the same fashion.

What will it Look Like?

Northern Vermont Cross Ice Mites

USA Hockey Small Area Games - 3 v 3 Cross Ice

Is Cross Ice Hockey New?

Cross Ice Hockey has been around for years in Europe, Canada and the Northern United States. The rapid pace and repetition allows skills to develop at a much faster pace as players are skating a length of ice that is 85 feet as opposed to 200 feet.

Why should my son/daughter play Cross Ice Hockey?

USA Hockey has mandated that beginning with the 2005-06 season, all teams ages 8 and under are required to run a cross-ice program. The reasoning behind it is simple. Playing in smaller areas allows each player to experience:

  • MORE touches of the puck per player
  • MORE shooting, passing and scoring opportunities
  • MORE quick changes in direction, improving skating skills
  • MORE action for goaltenders due to increased shooting
  • LESS stopping of play allowing for MORE game action and fun

Required Equipment List for Learn to Play Hockey & Mite C Teams

  • Helmet with cage & name on top of helmet
  • Neck guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Ice Hockey gloves
  • Protective cup (Boys)
  • Pelvic protector (Girls)
  • Ice Hockey pants
  • Garter or combination protector with Velcro sock support
  • Ice Hockey socks
  • Shin guards
  • Ice Hockey skates
  • Ice Hockey stick

Equipment should fit comfortably and there should be no protected parts of the body exposed.
Stick length in street shoes should measure to the players’ nose, in skates to the chin.
Young players who do not show a preference to a shooting side may start playing hockey with a straight stick. Once a preference is evident, a curved stick may be used.
Consult a qualified hockey equipment dealer or sports shop to ensure a proper fit for all hockey equipment.
Please make sure to routinely have skate blades sharpened.

Links and Resources
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