The purpose of Weymouth Youth Hockey is to develop and govern a youth hockey program in the Town of Weymouth for individuals for the purpose of promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for rules by providing a recreatio

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Q: Why does Weymouth Youth Hockey require a $300 deposit when registering ? Most organizations only charge the tryout fee.


A:The requirement of a $300 non refundable deposit is to ensure that we have a full commitment from the players who try out.  Without this deposit players are likely to tryout for multiple organizations and use Weymouth Youth Hockey as a fallback in case they don’t make another organizations team.  Players also may not commit to a team if they don’t make the team they wanted.  Picking teams and coaches is a long process, players deciding not to play for WYH after teams are selected makes this process longer and causes disruption on all the teams at a given level.

Q: Why cant practices be scheduled a month or more in advance ? 
A: As much as we can we schedule the practice ice out as much as possible.  With team play downs, league games and other conflicts its difficult to schedule ice to far in advance without having to constantly reschedule team practices.  Weymouth Youth Hockey is always looking for improvements in this process and will look to continue those improvements next season.