The purpose of Weymouth Youth Hockey is to develop and govern a youth hockey program in the Town of Weymouth for individuals for the purpose of promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for rules by providing a recreatio

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Weymouth Bank Snack Bar  

You may have noticed a new and improved snack bar at the
Connell Rink in Weymouth.  Numerous renovations have taken place and Weymouth Youth Hockey would like to acknowledge those who made it possible.
Thank you to;
Weymouth Bank for sponsoring the renovations with a generous donation.
Scott Nelson for fabricating and installing the new cabinets.
Eric Brooks for donating the counter
Steve McDermott for volunteering to take care of the necessary electrical work.
Dan McGlone for taking care of the necessary plumbing work.
And the DCR for allowing WYH to do this
With these renovations in place and the increased hours of operation, the Weymouth Youth Hockey Board of Directors are confident that the end result will be beneficial to the financial health of the organization.